Your data is your most important asset.
Keep it safe with Safetica.

Safetica prevents data leaks, so that your customer data doesn’t land in someone else’s hands.

Are you sure that your competition hasn’t acquired your sensitive files?
Do you know where your company is vulnerable to document leaks?
Is your IT budget spent effectively?

Safetica is a new generation of DLP software (Data Loss Prevention) which allows you to easily identify threats to your sensitive data. It is quick to deploy and immediately prevents important files from leaving your company.

Safetica is a cost-effective, easy-to-use Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution. It performs security audits, prevents sensitive data from leaving your company and sheds light on what is going on in your organization. Safetica can be installed in a matter of hours – it secures your information quickly and easily.

Please contact us for more information or view the Safetica website.

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