Cloud-Native Network Detection and Response


Distributed in NZ / PAC by Chillisoft

Cloud-Native Security


ExtraHop gives you the perspective you need to understand your hybrid attack surface from the inside out. Our industry-leading network detection and response platform is purpose-built to help you rise above the noise of alerts, silos, and runaway technology so you can secure your future in the cloud.

Complete Visibility

Automatically discover and classify every asset in your enterprise, including all cloud workloads in AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, in real time and at scale. ExtraHop discovers and maps all connections, devices, users, and dependencies in your environment, grouped by how critical they are to your business, so you can see everything that matters to your organization in one intuitive platform.

Real-Time Detection

Stay focused on your most business-critical systems with advanced machine learning and an array of detectors that identify threats and anomalies with high fidelity, with real-time SSL/TLS decryption to spot attackers hiding in seemingly legitimate traffic. ExtraHop helps you spot threats up to 95 percent faster, both in the cloud and on the ground.

Intelligent Response

Validate, triage, and establish root cause in hours instead of days, and automate response through trusted orchestration and ticketing partners. ExtraHop simplifies the investigation workflow by enriching detections with other analytics tools and third-party threat intelligence, with a robust suite of enterprise integrations to help you cut time-to-resolve by 59 percent or more.

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