Monitor and Manage everything IT with Pulseway

[previously called Mobile PC Monitor]

Monitor Everything

All computer resources, network performance, IIS, Exchange, Active Directory and Hyper-V – just to name a few.

Anywhere, Anytime

With mobile clients running on iPhone, iPad, Android phone & tablets and Windows Phone 7 you have your entire IT infrastructure in your hand at any time. A web based application is also available with support for all major browsers.

Be the First to Know

Using a flexible notification mechanism you will receive notifications regarding major incidents that can affect your systems. You can also define smart custom rules to fine tune alert conditions that can notify you and run specific tasks when triggered.

No Boundaries

Pulseway has the technical know-how and global reach to ensure that your computers and networks function reliably and seamlessly no matter where they are.

Be In Control

Run tasks, execute commands in a terminal, manage running processes and services, check and apply updates, restart, shut down and wake your computers.


Client and Cloud API’s will help you extend the monitoring solution, your way.

Configuration Made Easy

You will need to spend just a few minutes configuring the monitoring software on a computer and you’re ready. It’s that simple.  Need help?  Call us.


Encrypted communication and mobile device authorization ensures that your private infrastructure information stays private and unauthorised access is prevented.

Active Directory

Manage user accounts with ease and fast-fix common issues.


View mailbox statistics and MAPI connectivity. Manage mailbox protocols and GAL visibility. Check each role services health and manage active queues. All of these from your smartphone.


Be in control of your virtual machines. View running status, health state and heartbeat as well as starting, pausing and stopping virtual machines.

Internet Information Services

Improve your web sites availability with proactive alerting when a web site or application pool is down.


Manage all your virtual machines and hosts in your datacenters. View running status, health state and heartbeat as well as starting, pausing and stopping virtual machines and hosts.

SQL Server

Monitor databases, browse tables, run SQL queries, start jobs and view logs. All in one simple to use but very powerful module.

The Big Picture

Use the dashboard application for a complete view of all your systems health and availability.

Surprisingly Priced

With lower implementation and support costs you get better value for money and a good return on your investment while getting an innovative solution that meets your requirements.


Watch these videos for a quick overview of the capabilities of this excellent solution for resellers and network administrators.

Video 1 – Overview

Video 2 – Active Directory Module

Video 3 – VMware

Video 4 – Cloud API

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