DLP Case Study: Implementing DLP Auditing to 1500 endpoints, before lunch.  With an organisational restructure imminent, management were concerned about the possibility of theft of confidential data, plus ongoing requirements of staff internet-use policy enforcement … read more (2018)

Keep it current!!!  Please.  ESET released v6.0 of its Endpoint and FileServer solutions in 2014 … read more (2018)

Advanced Protection Technologies. ESET recently marked 30 years’ experience developing innovative cybersecurity solutions and their technologies have continually evolved in sophistication and effectiveness.  Because ESET is more about R&D than marketing hype you may not know about their wide range of detection and protection technologies, but you can read about them here. (2018)

Fighting persistent malware with a UEFI scanner, or ‘What’s it all about UEFI?”  … read more (2017)

ESET research team assists FBI in Windigo case – Russian citizen sentenced to 46 months … read more (2017)

According to David Livingstone (Dr Livingstone I presume), African women bathed in chilli water to intensify their attractiveness!