Scholarship in cybersecurity recipient now on his PhD

Chillisoft Scholarship in Cybersecurity

Chillisoft Scholarship in Cybersecurity, the inaugural recipient, Samuel Dobson, has now graduated and has begun work on his PhD.

Samuel’s PhD is in the emerging field of post-quantum cryptography. He is studying the mathematics behind one of the most popular post-quantum candidates, Supersingular Isogeny-based Cryptography, which uses maps between elliptic curves instead of points on elliptic curves like current “classical” cryptography uses.

“I was awarded the scholarship in 2018. It is so generous of Chillisoft to fund this scholarship each year to help students like me. As I go into my PhD studies for the next few years, the money will be a great help to support my expenses and cost of living.
Cybersecurity is a hugely important area but under-represented in New Zealand, so it is amazing to see support to grow this important profession and encourage more students into the area. Knowing there are companies backing the growth of this area is very encouraging and I certainly look forward to even more growth both in the industry and in the university teaching over the next few years.

Thank you again to Chillisoft for their support and generosity!”

Find here out more about the scholarship and how a University of Auckland student can apply.

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