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ESET Enterprise Inspector

ESET Enterprise puts you in the driver’s seat

According to Forrester, buyers want an “endpoint security suite that consolidates capabilities and minimises complexity when possible.” ESET’s new enterprise line of cybersecurity solutions meets this demand and delivers more.

ESET unveiled its new range of enterprise security products at the RSA Conference in San Francisco last year.

The centrepiece of this enterprise suite is a brand new offering called ESET Enterprise Inspector, endpoint detection and response (EDR) tool providing real-time data from ESET’S award-winning endpoint security platform. It’s fully customisable and vastly improves visibility for complete prevention, detection, and response against all types and intensity of cyber threats.  

An all-new ESET Security Management Center, providing visibility management and reporting across all operating systems, replaces ESET Remote Administrator; and in  ESET Dynamic Threat Defense you have a tool that provides off-premise cloud sandboxing, which leverages machine learning and behaviour-based detection to prevent zero-day attacks.

ESET makes good use of machine learning to automate decisions and evaluate potential threats, though continues to recognise that human expertise retains a central role in combating intelligent opponents. Therefore ESET’s endpoint products contain a cloud reputation system, which feeds information gleaned from 110 million sensors worldwide, applying verification measures managed by research and development centres.

Closer to home, Chillisoft is offering local pricing for managed security providers. We’re also gearing up for a partner event in July to showcase this new technology and learn from ESET global experts.

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