Good enough for banks – Tripwire’s cloud-based management service

Tripwire ExpertOPS SCM offers vulnerability management and file integrity monitoring as a service.

Tripwire’s enterprise-class vulnerability and risk management solution is a cost-effective option to reduce cyberthreat risks, focusing remediation efforts on the highest risks and most critical assets.

Tripwire’s critical security controls, vulnerability management, and file integrity monitoring (FIM) have found favour in this part of the world with banks and financial institutions, who are required to safeguard customer data according to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Partners tell us that delivering vulnerability management and file integrity technologies from the cloud deals with all the complexity. That’s a big win, because attempting to manage this kind of security themselves a bit of a stretch.

We’re also providing additional support to partners, including incident response options, a direct line into Tripwire engineers and support plans and, closer to home, access to Chillisoft’s Lab environment. The blend of services and support is designed to remove the onus on partners to either establish their own expertise and resources to run customer environment or engage specialist third parties to do the job. And that means you can effectively supply these services to your customers at good healthy margins, without introducing a specialist third party (and potential competitor) to your clients.

Extend your cybersecurity team without additional staff. Book an appointment with one of our experts to learn how Tripwire ExpertOps can help you spend less time managing tools and more time securing your organisation.